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Image by Leio McLaren

Japanese Sake


TAKANOME is a high end Japanese liquor brand established in 2019 collaboratively with a traditional brewery in Yamaguchi.


They believe that Japanese sake is the masterpiece of craftsmen, and they aim to become a high end brand to convey the beauty and deep traditions of Japanese culture so as to delight various lifestyles in different corners of our world.

TAKANOME regards “developing culture to enriches people's hearts through Japanese liquors” as its brand mission. It has been making tremendous efforts holding events and working with specialists so as to take traditional Japanese cultural into new height and bring new creativity to society, as well as contributing to protect traditional culture and development of craftsmanship.

The pursuit of umami made by craftsmen

Utilization of locally sourced:

"Yamada Nishiki" rice and ”Water" from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Adoption of the traditional
"Fune-Shibori" (wooden box pressing) method:

with a gentle three-day process for extraction.

Hiding Rice polishing Ratio:

Precise adjustment of rice polishing ratio to achieve optimal balance.

Production method geared towards achieving a fruity taste

Implementation of the Four Seasons Brewing Method:

crafting sake year-round in extremely small tanks for consistent quality maintenance.

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