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Special Drink "Amazake"

What is Amazake?

Amazake is a traditional non-alcoholic sweet Japanese nutritious drink made from rice koji (malted rice). Amazake contains complex carbohydrate context, vitamins, and minerals. It does not contain any sugars or sweeteners, so it is good for your body, hair, and skin. Also it helps with metabolic stimulation.

History of Amazake

Amazake was created in Japan in 300 A.D. In 800 A.D., Japanese royalty chilled and drank this beverage during the summertime. Later it became available for sale to the Japanese public. Around the 1600s, Amazake Uri (Amazake Carts) made its first appearance, and became trusted by a lot of people. The government set a fixed affordable price for them because they considered this beverage as a healthy food. Amazake rejuvenates weaned bodies and is beneficial for beauty and dieting. It known as the ultimate superfood in Japan.

The best way to enjoy Amazake

- Drink it normally ( Do not forget to chill and shake it before drink!)

-Mix with protein powder

-Mix with milk, almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk (1:1)

-Mix with your favorite vegetables, blended together as a smoothie

-It can be used as a concentrate for those people who are concerned about the calories

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